Terms of Sales

    Oops... This English version is out of date. The reference version is in French (21 November 2019).
    The updated English translation will be online as soon as possible.
  1. Application domain

    1. By registering on the QUANTEST Application, the user acknowledges having read and accepted these terms and conditions and our privacy policy.
    2. These conditions are intend to be accepted y the user even if they were in contradiction with his own general and / or particular conditions.
  2. Beginning and end of Convention

    1. The convention for testing begins when the Customer clicks on the "Order" button.
    2. The convention ends with the delivery of the ordered test results and so forth.
  3. Test price, orders and payments

    1. The order is made by clicking on the "Order" button.
    2. The test is put into production upon receipt of a deposit of 30% of the amount of the order.
    3. The balance of 70% of the order is payable when the test results are made available.
  4. Accuracy of the data to be tested by QUANTEST

    QUANTEST testing technology is extremely sensitive to the accuracy of the data to be tested. Incorrect data also produces an incorrect result.
  5. Liabilities of the CLIENT

    1. The CLIENT is solely and exclusively responsible for the hiring decisions and internal reclassifications he makes for his company.
    2. Concerning candidates, the personal data in the CLIENT's possession must not allow third parties to establish a link between the results of our tests and the persons tested. The CLIENT undertakes to preserve the confidentiality of our tests.
  6. Liability of QUANTEST

    1. QUANTEST quantify the match between the personality of a candidate and the requirements of the position to be filled. The individual results sheets given to the CUSTOMER constitute for him a decision aid without, in it, the responsibility of QUANTEST can come to the cause for any reason whatsoever.
    2. Warning regarding criteria 7 and 8 of the recruitment test (physical condition and psychological condition). The value measured by the test is of bio-energetic nature. These two values give the employer a useful and verifiable indication by a doctor, only authorized and competent to assert the truth.
  7. Intellectual property rights and copyrights

    The QUANTEST application and the working documents given to the CUSTOMER fall under the legal protection of intellectual property rights and copyrights. They belong exclusively to its designer.
  8. Applicable right

    The contractual relations between QUANTEST and the CLIENT are governed by Belgian law to the exclusion of all other rights. Any dispute directly or indirectly relating to the contractual relations between QUANTEST and the CLIENT is of exclusive competence of the Courts of Liège - Belgium.

    © Terms of sales QUANTEST. Juni 2019.